Alexandra Gruicin

What am I doing Here?

What am I doing Here?

I'm a Leadership trainer and coach. So for the past 6-7 years I have constantly asked myself - WHAT am I doing here? What am I DOING here? What am I doing HERE? and so on...

In today's fast-moving business world, leadership trainers have transformed into versatile guides for aspiring leaders. We're not just teachers; we're many things and these are some of the roles that I have been playing along the way:

  1. Content Curator and Information Guru: Picture a leadership trainer as your personal learning-content curator. In an era flooded with information, they're like the cool librarian who picks out the best books for you.
  2. Teamwork Maestro: Effective leadership often means leading a team. A leadership trainer is like the conductor of a symphony, helping leaders harmonize and work together smoothly, learning from each other and learning how to be together in a safe way.
  3. Learning Buddy: Learning never stops, especially for leaders. Leadership trainers are like friendly tour guides on your learning journey, helping you find your way.
  4. Peacekeeper and Chat Moderator: Sometimes, training sessions can get a bit wild. Think of a leadership trainer as the host of a lively dinner party, ensuring everyone has a good time.
  5. Personal Cheerleader: We all need a pep talk now and then. Leadership trainers are like your biggest fans, boosting your confidence and cheering you on.
  6. Cultural Explorer: With globalization, understanding different cultures is crucial. Think of a leadership trainer as your cultural compass, helping you navigate diverse environments.
  7. The Cold Shower of Truth: Just as a cold shower can wake you up, a leadership trainer is unafraid to deliver the truths you might be avoiding on your learning journey. They reveal your blind spots, helping you confront your fears and grow stronger.

As leaders adapt to the ever-changing world, leadership trainers play a crucial role in helping them stay on the right path... with a touch of humor and friendliness, and also as a refreshing splash of reality.

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